Beaufort - Phillips Island Trip

Beaufort Town Boat Ramp

70 Highway Draw Bridge into town

Old Menhaden plant on Phillips Island

Coming in from the north side

Brick structure is falling apart, someday it will collapse.

Still not sure what this was used for, maybe fire exhaust.

Large pipe back to the processing area with gears

Old gears and presses

Some kind of strainer

Another view of the brick stack

Second Menhaden plant in the distance

Two stacks at this one and more modern

Nice boat tied up in Beaufort

Country Inn registration area

View of the parking

View of the back hallway

Entrance sign on Highway 101

Rachel Carson boardwalk


My favorite place on Taylor Creek. Great location and not overly done.

Inside the Country Home room, sitting area

Utility kitchen


Bath with shower

Maggie liked the bed and doggie cover provided to protect the bed quilt

Cape Lookout Lighthouse in the distance

Lots of wind

Nice shot of a white egret

Wildlife access boat ramp, near The Boathouse

Maggie loves to walk on docks and look over the edge.