This all started on Memorial Day 2004 with the purchase of a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120.  I previously had a Mohawk 15XL canoe, which I used during my days in the Boy Scouts with my two sons.  But as all good things must end, they grew up and the good old canoe sat in the garage picking up dust. Since it was a two person canoe and I thought it might be neat to take my dog paddling, I ended up with the Pungo 120 since it had such a large cockpit. Take a Look!

So paddling away we go and on one paddling trip I got lost.  Ended up a kind fisherman guided me back to the Eno River Boat Ramp just before sunset.  So this exciting event ended up for me as a new Garmin 60CS GPS for Christmas.  And with that, the idea of making a web page for all this paddling stuff.  Now you can see some pictures and get the track for the trip to use in your own GPS.  So, here is the stuff...


It was a great run Maggie!    Maggie Tribute



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Note: Click on 'MapIt' below in the 'Description' and this will show a Google Map of the Put In.  You can then click on the 'Get directions' tab and put in your address for directions to the Put In.   Also, the 'Hot Spots' for each major lake can be used to see a map with red stars which can be clicked on for information on that area of the lake.  The 'GPS Track' is now using Gmap4 Enhanced Google Maps to display the GPS data.

Paddling Trips by Place and Date

Falls Lake : Hot Spots                                                                                        Total Paddling Miles : 640.3

A very interesting book on Falls Lake: The Battle For Falls Lake and the Falls Community Website

Date Description All Photos GPS Track GPS Data
10/14-10/15 2014 Falls Lake - Holly Point XII Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointXIITrack FallsLakeHollyPointXIIGPS.gdb
10/9-10/10 2014 Falls Lake - Holly Point XI Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointXITrack FallsLakeHollyPointXIGPS.gdb
9/18-9/19 2014 Falls Lake - Holly Point X Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointXTrack FallsLakeHollyPointXGPS.gdb
7/16-7/17 2014 Falls Lake - Holly Point IX Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointIXTrack FallsLakeHollyPointIXGPS.gdb
5/14-5/15 2014 Falls Lake - Holly Point VIII Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointVIIITrack FallsLakeHollyPointVIIIGPS.gdb
8/25/2013 Falls Lake - Dam Area IV Pictures FallsLakeDamAreaIVTrack FallsLakeDamAreaIVGPS.gdb
6/15/2013 Falls Lake - Eno River Boat Ramp Pictures FallsLakeEnoRiverBoatRampTrack FallsLakeEnoRiverBoatRampGPS.gdb
4/14/2013 Falls Lake - Bluejay Point C5 Pictures FallsLakeC5BlueJayPointTrack FallsLakeC5BlueJayPointGPS.gdb
11/11/2012 Falls Lake - Raven Ridge Rd to Upper Barton Crk  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeRavenRidgeUpperBartonTrack FallsLakeRavenRidgeUpperBartonGPS.gdb
6/15/2012 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock IX  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLedgeRockIXTrack FallsLakeLedgeRockIXGPS.gdb
6/3-6/4 2011 Falls Lake - Holly Point VII  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointVIITrack FallsLakeHollyPointVIIGPS.gdb
5/27/2012 Falls Lake - Flat River II  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeFlatRiverIITrack FallsLakeFlatRiverIIGPS.gdb
11/21/2011 Falls Lake - Forest Ridge Park  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeForestRidgeParkTrack FallsLakeForestRidgeParkGPS.gdb
11/12/2011 Falls Lake - Canoeing  Mapit Pictures FallslakeCanoeingTrack FallsLakeCanoeingGPS.gdb
11/8/2011 Falls Lake - 13 Miler  Mapit Pictures FallsLake13MilerTrack FallsLake13MilerGPS.gdb
10/30/2011 Falls Lake - Mangus House  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeMangusHouseTrack FallsLakeMangusHouseGPS.gdb
10/23/2011 Falls Lake - Fall 2011  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeFall2011Track FallsLakeFall2010GPS.gdb
6/31/2011 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock VIII  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLedgeRockVIIITrack FallsLakeLedgeRockVIIIGPS.gdb
6/7/2011 Falls Lake - Lower Barton Crk  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLowerBartonCrkTrack FallsLakeLowerBartonCrkGPS.gdb
4/23/2011 Falls Lake - Half Marathon II  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHalfMarathonIITrack FallsLakeHalfMarathonIIGPS.gdb
11/22/2010 Falls Lake - Half Marathon  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHalfMarathonTrack FallsLakeHalfMarathonGPS.gdb
11/14/2010 Falls Lake - Zeagle's Rock  Mapit Pictures FallslakeZeaglesRockTrack FallsLakeZeaglesRockGPS.gdb
10/3/2010 Falls Lake - Nicole  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeNicoleTrack FallsLakeNicoleGPS.gdb
8/29/2010 Falls Lake - Eno River II  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeEnoRiverIITrack FallsLakeEnoRiverIIGPS.gdb
5/26/2010 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock VII  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLedgeRockVIITrack FallsLakeLedgeRockVIIGPS.gdb
5/16-5/17 2010 Falls Lake - Holly Point VI  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointVITrack FallsLakeHollyPointVIGPS.gdb
3/21/2010 Falls Lake - Spring  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeSpringTrack FallsLakeSpringGPS.gdb
2/21/2010 Falls Lake - 256ft  Mapit Pictures FallsLake256ftTrack FallsLake256ftGPS.gdb
1/17/2010 Falls Lake - 2010!  Mapit Pictures FallsLake2010!Track FallsLake2010!GPS.gdb
11/29/2009 Falls Lake - Laurel Creek  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLaurelCrkTrack FallsLakeLaurelCrkGPS.gdb
11/16/2009 Falls Lake - Ida!2  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeIda!2Track FallsLakeIda!2GPS.gdb
11/15/2009 Falls Lake - Ida!  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeIda!Track FallsLakeIda!GPS.gdb
11/9/2009 Falls Lake - Dam Area III  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeDamAreaIIITrack FallsLakeDamAreaIIIGPS.gdb
9/3/2009 Falls Lake - Shakedown  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeShakedownTrack FallsLakeShakedownGPS.gdb
8/12/2009 Falls Lake - Perseids  Mapit Pictures Forgot to turn on the track log Forgot to turn on the track log
7/14/2009 Falls Lake - Old Weaver Trail  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeOldWeaverTrailTrack FallsLakeOldWeaverTrailGPS.gdb
6/30/2009 Falls Lake - Half Moon  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHalfMoonTrack FallsLakeHalfMoonGPS.gdb
6/22/2009 Falls Lake - New Moon  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeNewMoonTrack FallsLakeNewMoonGPS.gdb
5/21/2009 Falls Lake - Night Run  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeNightRunTrack FallsLakeNightRunGPS.gdb
4/4 4/5 2009 Falls Lake - Holly Point V  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointVTrack FallsLakeHollyPointVGPS.gdb
3/22/2009 Falls Lake - New Light Crk  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeNewLightCrkTrack FallsLakeNewLightCrkGPS.gdb
3/8/2009 Falls Lake - Hwy 50 Redux  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHwy50ReduxTrack FallsLakeHwy50ReduxGPS.gdb
11/28/2008 Falls Lake - Ellerbee Creek  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeEllerbeeCrkTrack FallsLakeEllerbeeCrkGPS.gdb
9/14/2008 Falls Lake - BDFM  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeBDFMTrack FallsLakeBDFMGPS.gdb
9/13/2008 Falls Lake - Hanna2!  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHanna2Track FallsLakeHanna2!GPS.gdb
9/7/2008 Falls Lake - Hanna!  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHanna!Track FallsLakeHanna!GPS.gdb
7/15/2008 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock VI  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLedgeRockVITrack FallsLakeLedgeRockVIGPS.gdb
7/1/2008 Falls Lake - Mid-Summer-Night  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeMidSummerNightTrack FallsLakeMidSummerNightGPS.gdb
6/18/2008 Falls Lake - Full Moon Jere  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeFullMoonJereTrack FallsLakeFullMoonJereGPS.gdb
5/19/2008 Falls Lake - Full Moon  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeFullMoonTrack FallsLakeFullMoonGPS.gdb
5/17/2008 Falls Lake - Knap of Reeds Crk II  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeKnapReedsCrkIITrack FallsLakeKnapReedsCrkIIGPS.gdb
5/10/2008 Falls Lake - The Zoo  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeTheZooTrack FallsLakeTheZooGPS.gdb
4/9/2008 Falls Lake - Search and Rescue  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeSearchRescueTrack FallsLakeSearchRescueGPS.gdb
12/9/2007 Falls Lake - Lawrence Cemetery  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLawrenceCemeteryTrack FallsLakeLawrenceCemeteryGPS.gdb
11/21/2007 Falls Lake - Old Six Forks Bridge  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeSixForksBridgeTrack FallsLakeSixForksBridgeGPS.gdb
10/14 10/15 2007 Falls Lake - Holly Point IV  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointIVTrack FallsLakeHollyPointIVGPS.gdb
9/25/2007 Falls Lake - Beaverdam VI  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeBeaverdamVITrack FallsLakeBeaverdamVIGPS.gdb
8/12/2007 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock V (Perseids)  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLedgeRockVTrack FallsLakeLedgeRockVGPS.gdb
7/21/2007 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock IV (Sunset)  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLedgeRockIVTrack FallsLakeLedgeRockIVGPS.gdb
6/21/2007 Falls Lake - Little River  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeLittleRiverTrack FallsLakeLittleRiverGPS.gdb
5/26/2007 Falls Lake - Upper Barton Creek V (Sunset)  Mapit Pictures FallsLakeUpperBartonCrkVTrack FallsLakeUpperBartonCrkVGPS.gdb
5/07/2007 Falls Lake - Flat River  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeFlatRiverTrack FallsLakeFlatRiverGPS.gdb
12/16/2006 Falls Lake - Highway 50 III  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeHwy50IIITrack FallsLakeHwy50IIIGPS.gdb
11/26/2006 Falls Lake - Eno Boat Ramp Flooded  MapIt Pictures FallsEnoBoatFloodedTrack FallsEnoBoatFloodedGPS.gdb
11/19/2006 Falls Lake - Highway 98 Fishing Access II  MapIt Pictures FallsHwy98FishAccessIITrack FallsHwy98FishAccessIIGPS.gdb
11/9/2006 Falls Lake - Hickory Hill IV  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeHickoryHillIVTrack FallsLakeHickoryHill4.gdb
9/3/2006 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock III  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeLedgeRockIIITrack FallsLakeLedgeRockIIIGPS.gdb
7/30/2006 Falls Lake - Eno River IV  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeEnoRiverIVTrack FallsLakeEnoIVGPS.gdb
7/23/2006 Falls Lake - Lick Creek II  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeLickCrkIITrack FallsLakeLickCrkIIGPS.gdb
6/17/2006 Falls Lake - Dam Area II  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeDamAreaIITrack FallsDamAreaII.gdb
6/10/2006 Falls Lake - Upper Barton Creek IV (Sunset/Full Moon)  MapIt Pictures FallsUpperBartonCrkIVTrack FallsLakeUpperBartonCrkIVGPS.gdb
4/28 4/29 2006 Falls Lake - Holly Point III  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointIIITrack FallsHollyPointIIIGPS.gdb
3/23/2006 Falls Lake - Knapp of Reeds Creek  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeKnappReedsCrkTrack FallsKnappReedsGPS.gdb
3/11/2006 Falls Lake - WaterFord Creek II  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeWaterfordCrkIITrack FallsLakeWaterfordCrkII.gdb
1/1/2006 Falls Lake - Waterfork Creek  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeWaterforkCrkTrack FallsWaterforkCrkGPS.gdb
12/4/2005 Falls Lake - Highway 50 II  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeHwy50IITrack FallsLakeHwy50II.gdb
11/6/2005 Falls Lake - Highway 98 Fishing Access  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeHwy98Track FallsLakeHwy98GPS.gdb
10/31/2005 Falls Lake - Beaverdam V  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeBeaverdamVTrack BeaverdamVGPS.gdb
10/16/2005 Falls Lake - Hickory Hill III  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeHickoryHill3Track HickoryHill3.gdb
9/25/2005 Eno River Boat Ramp to Falls Lake IV  MapIt Pictures EnoFallsLakeIVTrack EnoRiverFallsLakeIVGPS.gdb
9/17/2005 Falls Lake - Upper Barton Creek III (Sunset/Full Moon)  MapIt Pictures FallsUpperBartonCrkIIITrack UpperBartonCrkIIIGPS.gdb
9/9 9/10 2005 Falls Lake - Holly Point II  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeHollyPointIITrack HollyPointIIGPS.gdb
9/05/2005 Falls Lake - Lick Creek  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeLickCreekTrack FallsLakeLickCreekGPS.gdb
8/19/2005 Falls Lake - Upper Barton Creek II (Sunset/Full Moon)  MapIt Pictures FallsUpperBartonCrkIITrack FallsLakeUpperBartonCrkII.gdb
8/13/2005 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock II (Sunrise)  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeLedgeRockIITrack LedgeRockIIGPS.gdb
7/24/2005 Falls Lake - Dam Area  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeDamAreaTrack FallsLakeDamArea.gdb
7/17/2005 Falls Lake - Rolling View II  MapIt Pictures FallsLakeRollingViewIITrack RollingViewIIGPS.gdb
6/4/2005 Eno River Boat Ramp to Falls Lake III  MapIt Pictures EnoFallsLakeIIITrack EnoFallsLakeIIIGPS.gdb
5/29/2005 Falls Lake - Purnell Road II  MapIt Pictures PurnellRoadIITrack PurnellRoadIIGPS.gdb
5/14 5/15 2005 Falls Lake - Holly Point  MapIt Pictures HollyPointAllTrack HollyPointGPS.gdb
5/7/2005 Falls Lake - Old 98 Road  MapIt Pictures Old98RdTrack Old98GPS.gdb
4/17/2005 Falls Lake - Possum Track Road  MapIt Pictures PossumTrackRdTrack PossumTrackRdGPS.gdb
4/6/2005 Falls Lake - Raven Ridge Road to Dam II  MapIt Pictures RavenRidgeDamIITrack RavenRidgeDamIIGPS.gdb
2/6/2005 Beaverdam IV  MapIt Pictures BeaverdamIVTrack BeaverdamIVGPS.gdb
1/1/2005 Eno River Boat Ramp to Falls Lake  MapIt Pictures EnoFallsLakeTrack EnoFallsLakeGPS.gdb
12/8/2004 Falls Lake - Raven Ridge Road to Dam  MapIt Pictures FallsRavenRidgeRdtoDamTrack  
12/5/2004 Falls Lake - Highway 50  MapIt Pictures FallsHighway50Track  
11/28/2004 Falls Lake - Rolling View  MapIt Pictures FallsRollingViewTrack  
11/22/2004 Falls Lake - Hickory Hills II  MapIt Pictures FallsHickoryHillsIITrack  
11/20/2004 Falls Lake - Hickory Hills  MapIt Pictures FallsHickoryHillsTrack  
11/7/2004 Falls Lake -Bluejay Point(Michael)  MapIt Pictures FallsBlueJayPointMichaelTrack  
10/31/2004 Falls Lake - Upper Barton Creek  MapIt Pictures FallsUpperBartonCreekTrack  
10/17/2004 Falls Lake - Eno & Flat  MapIt Pictures FallsEnoFlatTrack  
9/12/2004 Falls Lake - Purnell Road  MapIt Pictures FallsPurnellRoadTrack  
9/3/2004 Falls Lake - Eno River  MapIt Pictures EnoRiverTrack  
8/22/2004 Falls Lake - Ledge Rock  MapIt Pictures FallsLedgeRockTrack  
8/7/2004 Falls Lake - BW Wells  Pictures BWWellsTrack  
7/16/2004 Beaverdam III - Saving the Turtle Pictures See Beaverdam IV  
7/2/2004 Beaverdam II Pictures See Beaverdam IV  
6/12/2004 Falls Lake - Bluejay Point  MapIt Pictures FallsBluejayPointTrack  
6/6/2004 Beaverdam Pictures See Beaverdam IV  

Jordan Lake : Hot Spots                                                                                       Total Paddling Miles : 298.7

Date Description All Photos GPS Track GPS Data
10/9 10/10 2011 Jordan Lake - Parkers Creek  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeParkersCreekTrack JordanLakeParkersCreekGPS.gdb
6/14/2011 Jordan Lake - Poe's Ridge III  Mapit Pictures JordanLakePoe'sRidgeIIITrack JordanLakePoe'sRidgeIIIGPS.gdb
8/21/2010 Jordan Lake - Cub Creek II  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeCubCreekIITrack JordanLakeCubCreekIIGPS.gdb
7/2/2010 Jordan Lake - Robeson Crk III  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeRobesonCrkIIITrack JordanLakeRobesonCrkIIIGPS.gdb
10/11/2009 Jordan Lake - Bush Creek IV  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeBushCreekIVTrack JordanLakeBushCreekIVGPS.gdb
6/6/2009 Jordan Lake - Little Beaver Crk III  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeLittleBeaverCrkIIITrack JordanLakeLittleBeaverCrkIIIGPS.gdb
5/30 5/31 2009 Jordan Lake - New Hope Overlook III  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeNewHopeOverlookIIITrack JordanLakeNewHopeOverlookIIIGPS.gdb
9/1/2008 Jordan Lake - Robeson Crk II  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeRobesonCrkIITrack JordanLakeRobesonCrkIIGPS.gdb
5/26/1008 Jordan Lake - Little Creek II  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeLittleCrkIITrack JordanLakeLittleCrkGPS.gdb
4/27/2008 Jordan Lake - Little Creek  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeLittleCreekTrack JordanLakeLittleCrkGPS.gdb
3/14/2008 Jordan Lake - Northeast Crk II  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeNortheastCrkIITrack JordanLakeNortheastCrkIIGPS.gdb
11/5/2007 Jordan Lake - Morgan Creek II  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeMorganCrkIITrack JordanLakeMorganCrkIIGPS.gdb
11/1/2007 Jordan Lake - New Hope Overlook II  Mapit Pictures JordanLakeNewHopeOverlookIITrack JordanLakeNewHopeOverlookIIGPS.gdb
9/3/2007 Jordan Lake - Bush Creek III  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeBushCrkIIITrack JordanLakeBushCreekIIIGPS.gdb
6/23/2007 Jordan Lake - Seaforth  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeSeaforthTrack JordanLakeSeaforthGPS.gdb
3/10/2007 Jordan Lake - Morgan Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeMorganCrkTrack JordanLakeMorganCrkGPS.gdb
2/24/2007 Jordan Lake - Northeast Creek  MapIt No Pictures JordanLakeNortheastCrkTrack JordanLakeNortheastCrkGPS.gdb
12/18/2006 Jordan Lake - Vista Point  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeVistaPointTrack JordanLakeVistaPointGPS.gdb
11/27/2006 Jordan Lake - Indian Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeIndianCreekTrack JordanLakeIndianCrkGPS.gdb
9/24/2006 Jordan Lake - Poe's Ridge II  MapIt Pictures JordanLakePoesRidgeIITrack JordanLakePoesRidgeIIGPS.gdb
8/13/2006 Jordan Lake - Little Beaver Crk II  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeLittleBeaverCrkIITrack JordanLittleBeaverCrkIIGPS.gdb
6/7/2006 Jordan Lake - Beaver Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeBeaverCrkTrack JordanLakeBeaverCrkGPS.gdb
6/25/2006 Jordan Lake - Stinking Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeStinkingCrkTrack JordanLakeStinkingCrkGPS.gdb
5/12 5/13 2006 Jordan Lake - White Oak Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeWhiteOakCrkTrack JordanLakeWhiteOakCrkGPS.gdb
4/14 4/15 2006 Jordan Lake - New Hope Overlook  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeNewHopeOverlookTrack JordanLakeNewHopeOverlookGPS.gdb
4/2/2006 Jordan Lake - Cub Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeCubCrkTrack JordanLakeCubCreekGPS.gdb
12/28/2005 Jordan Lake - Little Beaver Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLittleBeaverCrkTrack JordanLittleBeaverCrkGPS.gdb
11/13/2005 Jordan Lake - Bush Creek II  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeBushCrkIITrack JordanLakeBushCrkIIGPS.gdb
10/21/2005 Jordan Lake - Poe's Ridge  MapIt Pictures JordanLakePoesRidgeTrack JordanLakePoesRidgeGPS.gdb
9/30 10/1 2005 Jordan Lake - Poplar Point  MapIt Pictures JordanLakePoplarPointTrack JordanLakePoplarPointGPS.gdb
8/26/2005 Jordan Lake - New Hope Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeNewHopeCreekTrack JordanLakeNewHopeCreekGPS.gdb
7/31/2005 Jordan Lake - Bush Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeBushCreekTrack JordanLakeBushCreekGPS.gdb
7/8/2005 Jordan Lake - Robeson Creek  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeRobesonCreekTrack JordanLakeRobesonCreekGPS.gdb
7/2/2005 Jordan Lake - BeaverCreek Rd (Weaver Creek)  MapIt Pictures JordanLakeBeaverCreekRdTrack JordanLakeBeaverCreekRdGPS.gdb

Kerr Lake : Hot Spots

Date Description All Photos GPS Track GPS Data
10/19 10/20 2012 Kerr Lake - Longwood Park III  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeLongwoodParkIIITrack KerrLakeLongwoodParkIIIGPS.gdb
4/15 4/16 2012 Kerr Lake - Staunton River II  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeStauntonRiverIITrack KerrLakeStauntonRiverIIGPS.gdb
5/28/2011 Kerr Lake - Ivy Hill  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeIvyHillTrack KerrLakeIvyHillGPS.gdb
4/17 4/18 2011 Kerr Lake - Longwood Park II  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeLongwoodParkIITrack KerrLakeLongwoodParkIIGPS.gdb
9/10 9/11 2010 Kerr Lake - Rudds Creek III  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeRuddsCreekIIITrack KerrLakeRuddsCreekIIIGPS.gdb
4/2 4/3 2010 Kerr Lake - Rudds Creek II  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeRuddsCreekIITrack KerrLakeRuddsCreekIIGPS.gdb
11/21/2009 Kerr Lake - Buckhorn Crk  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeBuckhornCrkTrack KerrLakeBuckhornCrkGPS.gdb
10/30/2009 Kerr Lake - Dan River  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeDanRiverTrack KerrLakeDanRiverGPS.gdb
5/13 5/14 2009 Kerr Lake - Steele Crk Marina  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeSteeleCrkMarinaTrack KerrLakeSteeleCrkMarinaGPS.gdb
10/3 10/4 2008 Kerr Lake - Staunton River  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeStauntonRiverTrack KerrLakeStauntonRiverGPS.gdb
8/9 8/10 2008 Kerr Lake - Ivy Hill Not!  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeIvyHillNot!Tracks KerrLakeIvyHillNotGPS.gdb
6/1 6/2 2008 Kerr Lake - Buffalo Park  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeBuffaloParkTrack KerrLakeBuffaloParkGPS.gdb
5/2/2008 Kerr Lake - County Line  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeCountyLineTrack KerrLakeCountyLineGPS.gdb
4/18/2008 Kerr Lake - Kimball Point  Mapit Pictures KerrLakeKimballPointTrack KerrLakeKimballPointGPS.gdb
9/16/2007 Kerr Lake - Flemingtown Road Landing  MapIt Pictures KerrLakeFlemingtownRdTrack KerrLakeFlemingtownRdGPS.gdb
7/1 7/2 2007 Kerr Lake - Nutbush Creek  MapIt Pictures KerrLakeNutBushCrkTrack KerrLakeNutbushCrkGPS.gdb
6/10/2007 Kerr Lake - Flat Creek  MapIt Pictures KerrLakeFlatCrkTrack KerrLakeFlatCrkGPS.gdb
5/24/2007 Kerr Lake - Island Creek  MapIt Pictures KerrLakeIslandCrkTrack KerrLakeIslandCrkGPS.gdb
4/21 4/22 2007 Kerr Lake - Rudds Creek  MapIt Pictures KerrLakeRuddsCrkTrack KerrLakeRuddsCrkGPS.gdb
3/24 3/25 2007 Kerr Lake - Spewmarrow Creek  MapIt Pictures KerrLakeSpewmarrowCrkTrack KerrSpewmarrowCrkGPS.gdb
9/15 9/16 2006 Kerr Lake - Grassy Creek  MapIt Pictures KerrLakeGrassyCrkTrack KerrLakeGrassyCrkGPS.gdb
5/19 5/20 2006 Kerr Lake - Longwood Park  MapIt Pictures KerrLakeLongwoodParkTrack KerrLakeLongwoodParkGPS.gdb

Harris Lake

Date Description All Photos GPS Track GPS Data
3/19/2012 Harris Lake - Cary Branch  MapIt Pictures HarrisLakeCaryBranchTrack HarrisLakeCaryBranchGPS.gdb
12/4/2008 Harris Lake - Little White Oak Crk  MapIt Pictures HarrisLakeLittleWhiteOakCrkTrack HarrisLakeLitttleWhiteOakCrkGPS.gdb
6/22/2008 Harris Lake - White Oak Crk  MapIt Pictures HarrisLakeWhiteOakCrkTrack HarrisLakeWhiteOakCrkGPS.gdb
10/15/2006 Harris Lake - Buckhorn Creek  MapIt Pictures HarrisLakeBuckhornCrkTrack HarrisLakeBuckhornCrkGPS.gdb
6/19/2005 Harris Lake - Cass Holt Rd  MapIt Pictures HarrisLakeCassHoltTrack HarrisLakeCassHoltGPS.gdb
6/11/2005 Harris Lake - Dam Area  MapIt Pictures HarrisLakeDamTrack HarrisLakeDamGPS.gdb
10/3/2004 Harris Lake II - Yertle the Turtle  MapIt Pictures HarrisLakeIITrack  
9/25/2004 Harris Lake  MapIt Pictures HarrisLakeTrack  


Date Description All Photos GPS Track GPS Data
10/6/2012 Lake Mackintosh II  Mapit Pictures LakeMackintoshIITrack LakeMackintoshIIGPS.gdb
9/21-9/22 2012 Philpott Lake - Salthouse Branch IV  Mapit Pictures PhilpottLakeSalthouseBranchIVTrack PhilpottLakeSalthouseBranchIVGPS.gdb
9/9/2012 Lake Mackintosh  Mapit Pictures LakeMackintoshTrack LakeMackintoshGPS.gdb
5/10-5/12 2012 Philpott Lake - Salthouse Branch III  Mapit Pictures PhilpottLakeSalthouseBranchIIITrack PhilpottLakeSalthouseBranchIIIGPS.gdb
4/1-4/2 2012 Beaufort - Phillips Island  Mapit1 Mapit2  PaddleMap  PaddleText Pictures BeaufortPhillipsIslandTrack BeaufortPhillipsIslandGPS.gdb
3/25/2012 Graham-Mebane Lake  Mapit Pictures Graham-MebaneLakeTrack Graham-MebaneLakeGPS.gdb
10/16/2001 Roanoke Rapids Lake  Mapit Pictures RoanokeRapidsLakeTrack RoanokeRapidsLakeGPS.gdb
9/18-9/20 2011 Philpott Lake - Salthouse Branch II  Mapit Pictures PhilpottLakeSalthouseBranchIITrack
9/6/2011 Bear Island  Mapit Pictures BearIslandTrack  BeachTripTrack BearIslandGPS.gdb
8/13-8/16 2011 Fontana Lake  Mapit1  Mapit2 Pictures FontanaLakeTrack FontanaLakeGPS.gdb
7/17-7/18 2011 Beaufort - Carrot Island  Mapit  PaddleMap  PaddleText Pictures BeaufortCarrotIslandTrack BeaufortCarrotIslandGPS.gdb
4/15/2011 Roanoke River - Allen Crk  Mapit Pictures RoanokeRiverAllenCrkTrack RoanokeRiverAllenCrkGPS.gdb
4/29-4/30 2011 Badin Lake  Mapit Pictures BadinLakeTrack BadinLakeGPS.gdb
4/10/2011 Roanoke River - Paddle Days 2011  Mapit Pictures PaddleDays2011Track PaddleDays2011GPS.gdb
10/30/2010 Hyco Lake II  Mapit Pictures HycoLakeIITrack HycoLakeIIGPS.gdb
10/17/2010 Mayo Lake III  Mapit Pictures MayoLakeIIITrack MayoLakeIIIGPS.gdb
10/8-10/9 2010 Goose Creek State Park  Mapit Pictures GooseCreekStateParkTrack GooseGreekStateParkGPS.gdb
9/19-9/21 2010 Lake James State Park  Mapit Pictures LakeJamesStateParkTrack LakeJamesStateParkGPS.gdb
9/5/2010 Roanoke River - Kerr Dam  Mapit Pictures RoanokeRiverKerrDamTrack RoanokeRiverKerrDamGPS.gdb
6/6-6/8 2010 Philpott Lake - Salthouse Branch  Mapit Pictures PhilpottLakeSalthouseBranchTrack PhilpottLakeSalthouseBranchGPS.gdb
5/1/2010 Roanoke River - Flat Creek  Mapit Pictures RoanokeRiverFlatCrkTrack RoanokeRiverFlatCrkGPS.gdb
4/23/2010 Deep River   Mapit Pictures DeepRiverTrack DeepRiverGPS.gdb
4/10/2010 Neuse River Cleanup 2010  Mapit Pictures NeuseRiverCleanup2010Track NeuseRiverCleanup2010GPS.gdb
11/7/2009 Roanoke Ramble  Mapit Pictures RoanokeRambleTrack RoanokeRambleGPS.gdb
10/25/2009 Tar River Reservoir  Mapit Pictures TarRiverReservoirTrack TarRiverReservoirGPS.gdb
10/1-10/3 2009 Morrow Mountain State Park  Mapit Pictures MorrowMountainStateParkTrack MorrowMountainStateParkGPS.gdb
9/11-9/13 2009 Claytor Lake  Mapit Pictures ClaytorLakeTrack ClaytorLakeGPS.gdb
9/10/2009 Philpott Lake - Horseshoe Point  Mapit Pictures PhilpottLakeHorseshoePtTrack PhilpottLakeHorseshoePtGPS.gdb
5/3/2009 Neuse River - Dam to Buffalo Rd.  Mapit Pictures NeuseRiverDamtoBuffaloTrack NeuseRiverDamtoBuffaloGPS.gdb
4/23-4/24 2009 Phelps Lake  Mapit  Mapit Pictures PhelpsLakeTrack PhelpsLakeGPS.gdb
4/18/2009 Cape Fear River - Jordan Dam  Mapit Pictures CapeFearRiverJordanDamTrack CapeFearRiverJordanDamGPS.gdb
4/10/2009 Lake Gaston - Hawtree Crk  Mapit Pictures LakeGastonHawtreeCrkTrack LakeGastonHawtreeCrkGPS.gdb
11/1/2008 Mayo Lake II  Mapit Pictures MayoLakeIITrack MayoLakeIIGPS.gdb
10/26/2008 Hyco Lake  Mapit Pictures HycoLakeTrack HycoLakeGPS.gdb
9/19-9/21 2008 Philpott Lake - Goose Point  Mapit Pictures PhilpottLakeTrack PhilpottLakeGPS.gdb
5/22-5/24 2008 New River State Park  Mapit  Google Map Pictures NewRiverStateParkTrack NewRiverStateParkGPS.gdb
5/3/2008 Roanoke River - Miles Creek  MapIt Pictures RoanokeRiverMilesCrkTrack RoanokeRiverMilesCrkGPS.gdb
4/19/2008 Roanoke River - US 1  MapIt Pictures RoanokeRiverUS1Track RoanokeRiverUS1GPS.gdb
4/10 4/11 2008 Roanoke River - Gardner Creek  MapIt Pictures RoanokeRiverGardnerCrkTrack RoanokeRiverGardnerCrkGPS.gdb
11/14/2007 Buckhorn Lake  MapIt Pictures BuckhornLakeTrack BuckhornLakeGPS.gdb
6/16/2007 Haw River - Saxapahaw Lake  MapIt Pictures HawRiverSaxapahawTrack HawRiverSaxapahawGPS.gdb
6/16/2007 Cane Creek Reservior  MapIt No Pictures    
5/14/2007 Mayo Lake  MapIt Pictures MayoLakeTrack MayoLakeGPS.gdb
4/29/2007 Cape Fear River - Highway 42  MapIt Pictures CapeFearRiverHwy42Track CapeFearRiverHwy42GPS.gdb
12/14/2006 Lake Benson Not!  MapIt Pictures LakeBensonTrack LakeBensonGPS.gdb
10/29/2006 Lake R.D. Holt II  MapIt Pictures LakeRDHoltIITrack LakeRDHoltIIGPS.gdb
9/10/2006 Lake R.D. Holt  MapIt Pictures LakeRDHoltTrack LakeRDHoltGPS.gdb
6/04/2006 Lake Michie II  MapIt Pictures LakeMichieIITrack LakeMichieIIGPS.gdb
5/29/2006 Lake Michie  MapIt Pictures LakeMichieTrack LakeMichieGPS.gdb
4/7 4/8 2006 Merchants Millpond  MapIt Pictures MerchantsMillpondTrack MerchanctsMillpondGPS.gdb
11/03/2004 Lake Gaston No Pictures GastonTrack1 GastonTrack2  
10/10/2004 Lake Wheeler  MapIt Pictures LakeWheelerTrack  
6/27/2004 Neuse River - Dam to Capital Blvd.  MapIt Pictures NeuseDamtoCapitalBlvd  
6/20/2004 Neuse River - Buffalo Rd. to Milburnie Dam  MapIt Pictures NeuseBuffalotoMilburnieDam  
6/12/2004 Lake Crabtree  MapIt Pictures LakeCrabtreeTrack  

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