New River State Park

        Day 1

Starting at Zaloo's you can stock up on a snack or two which we did since it was around lunch time when you drive up from Raleigh(3hrs 30mins).  We wanted to get started and moving so we ate while paddling.  This first section of the river immediately began with low water conditions that we would encounter through out the trip.  And you realize that you will be navigating through Class I white water every 1/4 to 1/2 mile.  There are also nice sections of calm water that you can leisurely paddle.  The weather was very nice, a little windy but it ended up at our back most of the time.  We stopped at the Wagoner Access campsite and checked it out.  Not much going on and for the overall trip we only saw two kayakers on the river.  The park headquarters is in the Wagoner Access but the ranger was gone from the office.  Back on the river we plugged away for the 221 Access campground as it was getting late in the day and we needed to make the campground by night fall.  It ended up we arrived around 7PM.  One low level bridge is on this section and we were able to slide right under it with our heads low to the kayak.  The campgrounds are very nice and maintained.  Kudos to the NC Park System.  Water and showers are available.  And you can purchase firewood for 5 dollars a bundle.


Packed and ready to go in Raleigh, new roof rack and kayak for Jere.


Day 2

Woke up to the sounds of a turkey calling, but Jere thought it was a hunter practicing.  Hmmmm.  Had some hot oatmeal and headed out.  The campground was getting quite crowded as there is an access road and parking lot 100 yards down and many people use wheel barrels to bring in their stuff.  We headed out around 9AM and had the whole day to do the 16 miles to the Alleghany Access campground.  30 minutes down river you hit the New River General Store.  Since Jere hated the dried food, it was a perfect place to stock up on his favorites, Mac and Cheese and Vienna Sausages!  Also had sandwiches made for lunch.  We stopped at the King's Creek day use area for lunch.  This is a very nice canoe access with water and restrooms.  This section of the river has some long stretches of calm water and low water too.  The area is being developed so you pass very nice homes on the river and then sections that are not developed at all.  But in all you are very close to roads and civilization.  At the Class II section we decided to tie down everything and pack away cameras and such in the dry hatches.  I even turned off the GPS and packed it.  It ended up being not to bad, you just have to be careful as it is the longest rapid in the river.  Soon after this Class II we came upon the Alleghany Access campground.  Since this campground can only be reached by kayak or canoe, we were the only ones here.  We took campsite 2.  Again kudos to the NC Park System as the site is well maintained and the rangers came by in the evening to collect fees and such.  We also took a nice hike on the Farm Loop Trail and a trail that ran along the ridge looking down on the river.  Jere was happy for dinner tonight.  Had another nice campfire and headed to bed a little earlier, we were pooped.




Day 3

Woke up to the sounds of rain!  It started around 2AM and rained steady all night.  Around 6AM we decided to get up and get going as conditions did not look like they would improve.  Skipped breakfast and I gave Jere an apple cinnamon power bar.  His comment was lets find a Cracker Barrel and we did on the way home.  But off we went in the rain and about 30 minutes in the sky cleared and everything dried up.  We hit the take out about 30 minutes early, very nice section of the river and basically calm.  A good way to end the trip and pack up for the trip home.


Rainy morning