Fontana Lake Trip

Fontana Village Marina Boat Ramp

Parking at the Marina boat ramp

Marina dock

Cable Cove boat ramp

Wildlife Access sign at Cable Cove

Campsite 10 at Fontana Village campgrounds

View from campsite 10

View from campsite 10 to bath house

Good eating

Little Tennessee River water temperature

Boat ramp on the Little Tennessee River

Fog on the cold water

More fog

Cheoah Dam, famous for The Fugitive movie

View of Cheoah Dam from the bridge

Campsite 10 at night

On the way to Proctor

Trail to Proctor, some Boy Scouts getting ready to leave

Proctor community sign

Calhoun House built in 1928

Kitchen in the Calhoun House

Front porch view from the Calhoun House

Close up of the map of Proctor

Boy Scouts on the way back to Cable Cove boat ramp

Fontana Dam

Spillway of Fontana Dam

Road over Fontana Dam

Plaque for the dam

The Pit Stop at Fontana Village

Below Fontana Dam

Spillway exit shalf, throws water 400 yards downstream

View of the dam from below, Fontana Village Campground on the other side of the river

Paddling up to Fontana Dam spillway

View of the length of Fontana Dam

Chains that operate the dam spillway

View from the other side of the dam

End of Eagle Creek

Group leaving Eagle Creek campsite, one of three in the area.

Steam boat docked at the marina

Emerald green water

Inside The Pit Stop

General Store and Ice Cream shoppe at Fontana Village

Fontana Community Church

Fontana Village cabin

Deal's Gap, start of the Tail of the Dragon

Inside Deal's Gap bar

Place to get your picture taken that you survived the tail

Row of bikes

Tree of Shame

Scenic overlook on the Tail of the Dragon

Corvette heading out

All the Corvettes at Deal's Gap

Sunset at Fontana Dam

Floating boat house at the marina

Inside the main lodge at Fontana Village

Pool at the lodge

Fireplace at the lodge

Entrance to Fontana Village