Goose Creek State Park

Trail from campsite 9 to road.

Parking in front of campsite 9, about 25 yards to the campsite.

Campsite 9 from the road

Gravel road into the campsites

Campsite 9

Campsite 9

Put-in with a dock

Put-in from the road

Spanish moss

Lots of osprey or eagle nests.

End of Goose Creek

Goose Creek area

Faddy Creek in the evening. Water spot caused the sky

distortion, but I liked the shot


Sunset with a sail boat motoring in

All gone...

Dinah's Landing boat ramp across from the park

First time for pancakes and real maple syrup

Another nest at Ragged Point on the way to Mallard Creek

Mallard Creek entrance, a few homes

Mallard Creek dock to a hiking trail

Dock at the Mallard Creek hiking trail

Sailboats having a good time

Goose Creek Swim Area

Cemetery sign


You need two fishing permits and this is the border line.