What you must have

Personal Flotation Device (PFD) - I like the ones that have an open back so they do not interfere with the seat.  Whistle in front pocket of PFD.

Paddle - The lighter the better, at least less than 50 oz.

Gloves - I use a pair of cheap weigh lifter gloves.  Lots of blisters with out them.

Water sandals - I have been a Teva user, but any water shoe will do.  The lighter the shoe the better.  In the market for waterproof socks, to use in the colder weather.  Just purchased Keen Newport H2 sandals.  Like the toe guard, good support and tractions, little squishy when wet.

Nylon shorts with lots of pockets - they dry fast and hold stuff.

Hat - I started off with no hat, but over the weeks I was getting quite a burn.  Sunglasses also help on the glare.  Croakies to hold on your sunglasses or regular glasses.

Bottle of water.


Small knife - I use a mini-leatherman.

First aid kit and Poison Ivy soap.

What is nice to have

Camera in water proof case.

Small Cooler with lunch and extra drink.

Small sponge or pack towel for the back of the boat to soak up the water that gets in the boat.

Small backpack - dog lease, survival blanket, waterproof matches, saw, bicycle light for night (so boats see you), compass, thermometer (small jacket zipper one), small camp saw for dead limbs.

Cell Phone


Waterproof socks (Seal Skinz) for cold weather paddling.

Monocular - Brunton, Eterna 6 X 30



Small Pack and Cooler